The Gab Wars: AF vs “Wignats”

Andrew Torba, the owner, and creator of, started a shit storm this week after announcing that he would be sponsoring AFPAC 3, a convention headed by Nick Fuentes and the America First movement.

This angered thousands of users, considering the fact that Nick Fuentes had previously trashed the userbase as having an average IQ of 50, and other members of the AF movement such as Beardson Beardly calling for groypers to drive all of the women off of the site.

Many Gab Pro users canceled their subscription to the service which adds premium features not accessible by free users, as well as financially supports the upkeep of the site that is rapidly growing in numbers due to intense internet censorship everywhere else.

A prominent user on Gab, Joe Prich, did a show which basically gets to the gist of the problems many users had with Torba funding AFPAC, and how they feel somewhat betrayed by him.

After that, a total flame war between “groypers” and “wignats” was enacted which is still going on at this very moment. The Dlive channel of Pritch was suspended and mass flagging from groypers is likely the reason.

Groypers are known for being edgy, which is why I and many point out the hypocrisy of them punching right and calling out “bad-optics” when their optics are arguably worse in many ways. Well, an example of that is perfectly displayed by a couple of shitposts by KansasZoomer, one of which stated:

“I had a beautiful dream where the wives of every wignat are rounded up, put in a giant room with a giant hammer 🔨 and the hammer crushes all of them to smithereens. And then off in the corner the wignats are crying at the loss of their wives. #IHaveADream.”

The next was a GIF of Yoshi swinging a hammer.

Many were outraged by these comments, which I personally believe is an overreaction to very obviously trolling. I can understand thinking it is immature, but to act like these are real threats is laughable. The same people claiming those jokes are going too far will joke about “gassing the joooos” and “the day of the rope” which they would object to being serious threats (and rightfully so).

While I would be considered a “wignat” by most groypers/AF supporters, I have to say that when it comes to the troll war going on the groypers are winning.

A lot of white nationalists are acting like straight-up feminists in response to edgy jokes about women, and even acting like it is wrong to openly want to appeal the 19th amendment or think that women ideally shouldn’t be on social media in the first place.

You can believe these zoomers go too far with their criticisms about women, but the response to that isn’t to become a literal feminist and simp, as many are doing.

I’ve also seen many criticize AF as being a movement filled with “virgins.” That is an insult that the typical feminist roastie would dish out. Many of these dudes may be incels and cope with that by saying they are Christians, therefore, saving themselves until marriage, but that is not the case with all of them. There is nothing wrong with a young man staying true to the moral framework he bases his life around and being celibate.

That being said, I’m on neither side here. Both sides will claim “it’s not infighting” but I disagree. Groypers and wignats agree on almost every issue. The main points of contention are strategy and messaging. What appeals to one person may not appeal to others, so it is good to have different types of groups with different messaging and ways of doing things to reach the most amount of people.

Some people are attracted to the suit and tie, nice guy nationalism of a Jared Taylor, while others like the more humorous and no-filter message from TRS, or even the direct extremely in-your-face IRL activism of Handsome Truth and the GDL or Patrick Little.

At the end of the day, all of this will likely wash over unless the paranoia about this being the start of Gab censorship based on the demands of Nick Fuentes is true (which I doubt), but it’s been entertaining, to say the least.


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